Agm freebies

Agm freebies

This week everyone has been talking about the big announcements coming out of the PIA Symposium. What is there for us sports jumpers during this seemingly endless winter period? The last weekend in January is a big date in the British skydiving calendar, which seems rather odd for such a wet and cold country. All the fun of a boogie night on the DZ, but in a nice hotel. Surprise medals [at the AGM] are welcome too! The meeting drew a crowd of several hundred British skydivers to hear about developments in the sport and enjoy the video review of

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The question of freebies given to journalists and editors is one that comes up frequently. When is it OK to accept a freebie? When is it not? Under what circumstances is it acceptable? And freebies, as they are known in the industry, are a key part of those codes. They test and review the products, and give their readers insight into whether the products live up to their promise.

Newspapers do too. CellC was one of the sponsors. I am also proud to announce that in the two months since we launched the first city, our new network has attracted much acclaim. At the Broadband Conference hosted by MyBroadband. A Cell C crew member will be in contact with you very shortly to arrange delivery of our premium data product — the I trust that you will enjoy our new data offer and that you will not hesitate to contact us should you have any problems or queries.

I would also love to hear how you are experiencing our new network and data offer. Some accepted, others declined. The speedstick retails at R, but it is not the cost price. The offer of the speedstick was left to individuals and the publications themselves to accept, or not. Mondli Makhanya, chairperson of Sanef and editor in chief of Avusa Media, said he received calls from various editors to ask if it was acceptable to take advantage of the offer.

Abarder said all gifts, from pens to cellphones, had to be handed in. The gifts were then auctioned off to staff and the money donated to charity. I agreed, on the proviso that whatever my findings were would be published — good or bad. He was happy with that. In my case, the reception in my area is not good at all. In writing my views on the stick, this will be included.

I did contact Cell C about the problem and they sent someone to see me immediately. That, too, was dealt with extremely efficiently — and I got a personal message — online for everyone to read — from Lars P. Janet Heard, assistant editor: A copy is posted up in the Cape Times newsroom. The release of a comprehensive code of ethics is expected soon. In the meantime, the old one stands.

Although any good journalist instinctively knows the basic principles to be followed and there is also a Press Code of conduct and SANEF guidelines to follow, a code for titles is important as it leaves no grey areas. It also makes everyone — at all levels — accountable. There is no point pussy-footing around these basic principles. For instance, press releases become news reports and single-sourced political agendas become fact.

I think it is also important for the code of ethics to be transparent and available to our readers. She said freebies are not a common feature in the Cape Times newsroom. But we are certainly not immune to the trappings of the freebie culture which has proliferated over the years. Freebies now go into a cupboard to be auctioned among staff for charity.

The auction — combined with the Cape Argus — is ongoing at the moment, and there is quite a substantial list, from memory sticks to bracelets and cases of beer. Ray Hartley, editor of the Sunday Times, said the paper has a policy that gifts have to be handed in. We have generated tens of thousands of rands for charity over the years.

Want to continue this conversation on The Media Online platforms? All rights reserved. Part of Wag the Dog Publishers. On the record. Destined to be a media entrepreneur Media moves: The impact of corruption on your media rand. Home Press Freebies…the state of play in newspapers today. Posted By: Glenda Nevill on: March 02, In: Press Print Email. Previous A communications revolution, Lange goes Next Activating the students on site. Breaking news: Follow Us.

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To some people, the main objective in attending an AGM is the buffet spread that usually happens after the meeting. Some shareholders see this as another form of dividend that they are entitled to. This is to minimize the incidence of kiasuism rearing its ugly head. Interestingly, some companies such as Capital Mall Trust have replaced meals with Capita Mall vouchers. So maybe, it is indeed right to think that the freebies that often accompany the AGM whether buffet spread, bento set or vouchers are indeed another form of dividend for the shareholders. He is super excited by queues, especially when it is at his beloved food haunt, hawker centers.

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The question of freebies given to journalists and editors is one that comes up frequently. When is it OK to accept a freebie? When is it not? Under what circumstances is it acceptable? And freebies, as they are known in the industry, are a key part of those codes.

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That's a wrap from the Unilever Future Leaders League This year's Christmas comes early. A perfect solution to my lack of file storage. The "energy booster" for being among the Top 10 Teams. It's time to fight for the championship. From personality test to understanding company overview, company culture, methods of analysing cases, presenting to clients and answering clients' queries.

Annual General Meeting

The convention is held primarily for the intent of keeping the electronics professionals abreast with the latest technology and best practices in the field of electronics engineering including new management concepts. Come and witness the event with an early bird registration fee amounting to PhP 3, Please be advised that starting September 1, onwards, the registration fee will be PhP 4, Registration fee already includes lunch meals for the three day event. For on-line payments a valid ID or e-mail confirmation must be presented to retrieve the convention kit and certificate. For further inquiries, you can call the following numbers; , , or email myiecep iecep. You can also view the website, www. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

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Browse Instagram content with Picdeer. Kompleks Sukan Tenaga Nasion Tenaga Nasional Berhad TNB AGM door gift agmdoorgift albertfreebiesseries albertagmseries neversaynotofreebies albertgiftcollections albertagmdoorgiftseries utilities powersupply top3mostgrowthintermsofmarketvaluecap throwback buangbalik neversaynotofreebies liveforthefreestuff albertfreebiesseries. Marriott Putrajaya. IOI Properties AGM door gift agmdoorgift albertfreebiesseries albertagmseries neversaynotofreebies albertgiftcollections albertagmdoorgiftseries ioi ioicorp ioicorporation conglomerate properties plantation shoppingmall hotelsandresorts reit throwback buangbalik. IOI Corporation AGM door gift agmdoorgift albertfreebiesseries albertagmseries neversaynotofreebies albertgiftcollections albertagmdoorgiftseries ioi ioicorp ioicorporation conglomerate properties plantation shoppingmall hotelsandresorts reit throwback buangbalik. The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lum

What exactly is AGM the Expo, “The world’s largest consumer skydiving exhibition”?

Rent your next mid to long-term housing online. Experience your new home with Spotahome! This year the AGM was held in Spain, hosting a delegation of 1, students representing more than Higher Education Institutions from 40 countries to elect a new International Board, to debate the future of the network and the broader role of internationally oriented youth in Europe. As ESN partners, Spotahome was invited to attend this event which we of course accepted with great pleasure. My colleagues Martina, Robert and I hopped on a train to Barcelona ready to live the experience. I personally have never been on Erasmus so this experience was definitely going to be new and exciting for me. In Barcelona we took a bus to Platja de Aro, a picturesque town on the catalan coast which was hosting the event. As soon as we got on the bus we were immediately emerged into the ESN vibe and atmosphere even though we were probably the oldest people on the bus by quite a few years. I felt like I had just landed in my Erasmus year abraod. I sat listening to people from different nationalities mingle as if they had known each other forever, commemorating their experiences abroad.

New 'normal' at AGMs provides food for thought

Many more. Let me add 2 more to the list: Air Asia-doubly useless. No respect for those below holdings. IOI-lower food voucher value for those with shares below holdings I guess more will become stingy with the expected lousier 2H of with the China powerhouse losing steam. Recently, I attended CSL. Also another cheapskate. Besides share price plummet from RM 1. Don't ever go such companies. Also, Berjaya group of companies are getting "kiamsiap" too.

Spirits are high and we are all looking forward to a day out.

Erasmus Student Network Annual General Meeting COSTA BRAVA

It is time for AGMs! In this season of AGMs, what are you looking forward to receiving? Vouchers, Bento sets, or the opportunity of throwing rotten tomatoes at CEO? More importantly, what do you aim to learn from this AGM? Are any of your investing decisions hinging on this upcoming AGM? Buy more, totally divest or to keep holding. Which AGMs are you going for? Upcoming AGMs: Which AGM did you go for that boosted your confidence the most? Conversely, which one made you divest all that you had? Reply to Salvatore: FCL, see Charoen, Panote and the senior management jsk, den i confidence boosted. A few plus points: Even though profit margin didnt increase much, revenue is still growing steadily.

Shareholder Perks: AGM Freebies Compared

Annual general meetings AGMs have a reputation for boring speeches and dry throats, but that perception is not accurate in every case. A number of Swiss companies offer entertainment programs, refreshments and other freebies to AGM attendees. The danger of attracting freebie hunters and hecklers rather than actively-involved shareholders is a very real one. Switzerland has its fair share of hobby investors — most of them pensioners — who entertain themselves by traveling the country attending AGMs in search of food, drink and company. AGMs at which shareholders are lavished with gifts in addition to good meals are especially popular. But is attending an AGM even worth your time in Switzerland? Which companies know how to show their shareholders a good time? Find answers here as per a moneyland. All companies which participated in the survey offer refreshments at their AGMs.

It has been another packed AGM season around the world in , with remuneration remaining the prime focus of attention in many countries; attendance and voting generally continuing to slide in the West; and some changes in legislation meaning altered operating procedures for AGMs in various countries. Consequently, some large company meetings were held a month later than in previous years. The best attended AGM was once again that of a Chinese bank, with 4, people arriving at the meeting venue. Overall, the average number of attendees at meetings over people in size increased dramatically, with a leap from per meeting in to in This increased attendance without a corresponding increase in voting is naturally continuing to cause concern for companies, both relative to venue size and also cost. Companies in Hong Kong which give souvenirs to shareholders face the biggest issue as, traditionally, one souvenir is handed out for each shareholder represented, rather than each shareholder who physically attends. This means that there is a trend for shareholders to appoint each other as proxies — so they can then collect one gift themselves, and one for each of the people they are representing as proxy. If Mr A and Mr B appoint each other as proxies and both turn up to the meeting, they walk away with four gifts rather than two. The gift culture also continues to encourage the practice of splitting shareholdings into small chunks amongst family members — again to maximise the freebies obtained. Companies end up handing out multiple gifts to one person — who then often exits, laden down, without voting or participating in any other governance aspect of the AGM. This has led to some companies changing their policy and they are now stating that they will give only one souvenir to each attendee who turns up, no matter how many other shareholders that person may be representing. Other companies may also wish to consider this policy as a way of cutting down on cost. Protecting the rights of the small and individual investors saw increased focus, with companies required to separately tabulate, disclose and report to the regulatory body the outcome of resolutions which will impact small investors. This past season saw companies implement this requirement.

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