Best pot deals in denver

Best pot deals in denver

Mon-Sun 10am Join Harvest Rewards today to start earning cash back on all your in-store purchases. Rewards can be earned and redeemed at any of our 3 locations. Ask any of our Budtenders how you can join completely for free. Enter your phone number below to get exclusive SMS deals sent directly to your phone every Friday. What are people saying?

Denver Dispensary

We're named MMJ America because we built our business on the same principles that were championed by the founding fathers: We have opened the door to economic prosperity by capitalizing on the benefits of the cannabis plant. MMJ America is honored to be part of this monumental time in history when we-the-people are burning the fire of freedom and we're inviting you to join us in a toast to good health and the pursuit of happiness.

The latest news in recreational marijuana comes out of Las Vegas where we opened the doors to recreational sales in July MMJ America and the voters of Colorado and Nevada firmly believe that everyone has a right to personal freedom, especially to make their own decisions when it comes time to kick back, relax and let loose. We love to hear from our patients and our legal recreational customers. We cultivate our award winning marijuana as effectively as possible so we can pass the savings back to our customers and maintain our reputation for the highest quality product.

As the industry grows, we hope to grow alongside it. MMJ America is currently pursuing more locations and franchises in other states that have passed marijuana laws. MMJ America is more than just dispensaries, we are a community of cannabis activists. We've got 18 Cannabis Cup trophies that prove it! Visit one of our 3 locations today to see for yourself. Pearl Street Denver: Downtown Nevada: Las Vegas.

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Denver pot shops joining Black Friday frenzy

Founded in , Northern Lights Cannabis Co is an award-winning dispensary that is home to one of the first recreational cannabis sales in the country. With two Denver and Edgewater locations open late 7 days a week, we have made it our mission to provide educational, friendly customer service paired with high quality, locally produced cannabis and cannabis derived products. We provide a comfortable and professional environment in a boutique-style setting that allows our customers to count on an exceptional experience every time! Staffed by friendly, highly knowledgeable cannabis experts, our dispensaries serve both medical and recreational marijuana consumers. People travel from near and far to purchase from our wide selection of flower, concentrates, edibles, and topicals in our welcoming recreational and medical dispensaries.

We pride ourselves on providing a unique, friendly, and welcoming environment for dispensing the highest quality recreational products.

Adults 21 years or older are allowed to purchase and possess up to 1 ounce 28g of cannabis flower or its equivalent in concentrates 8g , or edibles mg THC. Note that you can buy a mix of flower, edibles and concentrates to reach this threshold. Vaporizer cartridges are considered part of the concentrate category. No, not legally. The law in Colorado restricts consumption of cannabis to private areas only. This includes National Forests.


At Denver Dispensary, we are committed to providing our clients with the highest-quality cannabis and medicine available, and at the most affordable prices. We offer as wide a range of high-end strains of medical marijuana and recreational marijuana as anyone in the Denver area, and our professional, friendly staff is always happy to help you choose which one is right for you. Here at the Denver Dispensary, we also offer a wide selection of edibles and concentrates, from cookies and candies to salves and tinctures. Denver Dispensary has it all. No smoking? No problem! At Denver Dispensary, you can eat or drink your medicine too!

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Medical Marijuana is Still the Best Deal on Pot in Colorado

We tune in to our own channel of loquacious conversations with real people about real cannabis for real solutions. We have so many deals and discounts, we can't possibly fit them all here! Click to see more! Our selection of concentrates is the best and biggest found in any Denver dispensary. We strive to find the best cannabis products available. Learn More About Us. But the set up of the store is unique and the budtenders are personable. I've already told a couple friends about this place and I'll be back soon.

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By Aimee Heckel. Since the legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado, tourism has exploded. You have to know the laws and you have to know where to go. Not all marijuana dispensaries sell recreational cannabis; some are medicinal and require a card. It can also be hard to sift through the many options to know where to go for the best experience.

Premier Marijuana Dispensary

Enjoy it every day! On June 1, , Commerce City, city council, approved an ordinance repealing the temporary ban on retail marijuana allowing businesses to begin the process of obtaining a retail marijuana business license with the city be beginning June 2, This is what makes Aroma Dispensary unique as we are the only recreational dispensary in Commerce City. At Aroma, we understand the importance of customer service so if you have a question our friendly staff is always happy to help you. In addition to our professional staff who can answer you question and help you choose the right product for you, we have a Cannabis Choice Guide online that can help you get familiar if you are new to marijuana strains, edibles, and concentrates. Stay in the loop. Sign up to get our newsletter. Get the latest cannabis deals straight to your inbox. Get notified of Aroma events.

Consistency & Quality

Nothing on this website should be considered legal advice or as a substitute for legal advice. Please respect the marijuana laws during your visit to Colorado. Please read our full disclaimer here. Privacy Policy Terms of Service. Forgot your password? Click here to login. Login Sign up. Toggle navigation.

Quality is a point of pride. We take great care during every step in the growing, trimming and curing process.

Medicine Man

It was 7: Couples and groups of friends softly chatted as they waited their turn to enter. Welcome to the world of legal recreational weed. The billion-dollar business of hydroponic grow labs and craft dispensaries has meant big money for Colorado since the drug was legalized. Legal weed dispensaries have become big business for Colorado, one of the states where recreational marijuana is legal. Photo credit: But as visitors flock to the state for cannabis tourism, some businesses offer a bang for their buck while others are more predatory. I spent a few days in the mile high city earlier this year to suss out the best way for a budget traveler to legally smoke marijuana in Denver. A word to the wise: This is a hard and fast rule no matter where you go. You can filter by strain of marijuana, location, price and a number of other variables. Since marijuana exists in a legal loophole in that it is not federally legal, transactions are generally in cash. I made this mistake myself and had to go back to the hotel room, only to have my debit card not work at the dispensary. The employee said that this sometimes happens, as their machine processes the payment as if they were an ATM, although it is not.

The Best Cannabis Experience in Denver

Our dispensary deals directory has tons of great coupons and savings. Here's What to Know. What is an Ancillary Cannabis Business? Benefits of Owning a Desktop Vaporizer. Nothing on this website should be considered legal advice or as a substitute for legal advice. Please respect the marijuana laws. Please read our full disclaimer here.

MMJ America is the nation's leading marijuana dispensary

We have been serving recreational customers since and medical patients since Cannabis and Working Out The debate on whether or not cannabis and working out go hand in hand has been raging on for years. Can you Smoke Marijuana in Public? Although cannabis is quite easy to get…. What are the differences between these substances? It simpler than you may…. Best quality for a decent price. I've been coming here for years. Idk how many dispensaries I pass to come here, but it's completely worth the drive. Hands down best weed in Denver and its reasonably priced.

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