Coupon printer error 13

Coupon printer error 13

I marked coupons on Target. Was told I must download Coupon Activator. I downloaded it but can't install it. What am I missing? I already had a coupon printer installed but it seems Target wants this one.

[Washing machine] What does the error code means and how to fix it?

There is usually a 2- to 4-week window on any given promotion. If you thought you were supposed to receive a Catalina checkout coupon at the register and nothing printed after you completed your purchase, please…. Refer to a store ad, sign, printout or website for the details of the Catalina offer. The blinking light shows that there is a machine error , such as the printer is offline, out of ink, has a paper jam or an empty paper roll.

If you have time and a bit of patience you can try to visit the customer service desk and explain your situation. Many times, an assistant will be able to help you in the store, often reimbursing you with cash or a handwritten Catalina for the expected amount. Meijer stores should have a record of eligible Catalina offers in their computer system though not all customer service attendants are able or willing to access it.

If customer service is unable to help you, contact Catalina Marketing as soon as possible with your request try to do this within 5 days; 14 days after the transaction, your request is no longer valid. If you feel your transaction qualified for an offer, please complete an online form at Catalina Marketing Consumer Support Online.

Or, call within 14 days of your transaction. If emailing, you should expect a response within 2 to 3 business days. Following the date and time there are numbers Example: On a Meijer receipt, this is a bit more challenging. Link together these numbers without letter or punctuation for the form: Thanks, Rachael! This would be handy information to keep in your coupon binder, if you have one!

If it is an advertised catalina deal Meijer's has them sometimes I have informed the cashier and they have voucher forms to fill out and give to customers you can use instead of the catalina coupon. I have had this happen a couple of times at Meijer's and have no problem getting it resolved with the cashier if I could show her the deal in the store ad.

I emailed coupon catalinamarketing. They got back to me in a day or two requesting information from my receipt. In about 3 weeks, I had a fresh catalina arrive in the mail. Perfect timing for this post! The package being sent cost more then the coupon and after all the hassle they could of extended it for at least a week. Did you know that the Meijer Mealbox site now has a list of the current catalina offers? I printed off the ones I was using — and sure enough, neither of them printed last night.

I could then show them to the Customer Service person, who hand wrote me me the ones I should have received. To see the list of the current catalina offers, just click on the custom coupon tab next to the coupon offers. This is so helpful! Meijer only lists the first tier of each Catalina offer. Helpful, but it can also be a little frustrating.

What is a Catalina? Where can I locate details on Catalina promotions? I n-Store Signs Some stores will advertise the deal near the product — on a shelf tag, small or large sign or even a large floor sticker. Store Ad At times, the Catalina promotion will be featured beside the participating product in the weekly store flyer. Catalina Printout Some upcoming Catalina offers will be advertised on printouts directly from the Catalina machine — watch what you get with your receipt closely!

I save these as future proof just in case! Where is the Catalina offer I expected? Did you buy the correct brand and quantity, the exact size and type required? Catalina promotions can be finicky unless participating items were purchased. Did you use a Catalina coupon earned from buying the same items to pay for your transaction?

If you did, you may have stopped the Catalina from printing. Many Catalina coupons cannot be used again to purchase the same offer. Last updated: Sept Like what you're reading? Sign up for my free email newsletter and never miss a bargain! August September 3, Comments If it is an advertised catalina deal Meijer's has them sometimes I have informed the cashier and they have voucher forms to fill out and give to customers you can use instead of the catalina coupon.

Meijer New Ad Preview: April , Coupon Preview: Sunday, April 14, Randazzo Fresh Market: April , Country Living magazine:

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Coupons are a perfect way for large and small businesses alike to acquire new customers or build relationships with recurring customers. To make your offers really stand out, consider using foil stamping or UV coating on your coupons. Also, die-cutting advertisements into unique shapes such as a cookie shape for a bakery or a car shape for a mechanic shop can really leave an impression on your customers. Coupons can be printed in custom sizes or you may use one of our popular sizes. With the use of variable data or foil stamping, you can reduce the risk significantly.

Using the multi-purpose tray enables you to print custom-size paper or 'long' paper, longer than legal portrait

Please use the table below to find the error code that is appearing on your Samsung washing machine and the solution needed to resolve the issue. Switch appliance back on again and start a new programme. Check Inlet filters inside end of Water Valve. Cold water is usually indicated by a blue tap.

Full Color Coupons

Often times, I see questions from people about printing coupons and the errors that they receive. This is a common problem and often times the fix is simply due to the version of Java that is installed on your computer. Simply complete an update and this can help. It should now print for you. As mentioned above, make sure to change the settings back when you are done printing.

HP discount and promo codes

Should I remove Coupon Printer for Windows? What percent of users and experts removed it? Overall Sentiment. What do people think about it? How common is it? Not enough data to show 30 day installation trends. Uninstallation trends last 30 days. Lifespan of installation until removal.

How to Find and Print Free Internet Coupons

All you need is a working printer and cell phone so we can verify your device. Verification is a one-time step and takes less than a minute to complete. We will not use your number for marketing purposes. This message appears after you have attempted to print the same coupon too many times. In most cases your coupon was actually sent to your system's default printer and is waiting in the print queue to be printed.

10 Most Common Printer Problems Solved

Junape juneefee. I looked around online as I'm sure you did too but didn't find anything promising. If the printer doesn't accept legal size paper it may not be reasonably possible to force it. I say reasonably because I'm sure there are all manor of Unreasonable ways we could try to do it. And folding the paper to make it fit and changing the document accordingly would be asking for trouble. Plus it would work badly, if at all. Then you'd be troubleshooting a paper jam as well. Jon de Leon. January 12 by Diane Bonifacio. January 23 by Krischelle Quiambao.

Where can I find the Galileo Formats Guide for Document Production?

After going through your description, it appears that you have an issue with printing webpage content. However, in order to guide you in the right direction; I will need some more information. Please help me by answering the questions mentioned below. I would suggest you to run the Internet explorer IE as Administrator and check the issue status. Try running the Internet explorer IE as Administrator: Did this solve your problem? Yes No. Sorry this didn't help.

There is usually a 2- to 4-week window on any given promotion.

Coupon Creator

Printer Linkage Codes. Demand ticket print. Demand MIR print. Demand printability. Demand satellite print. Linkage for Demand Printing. Link maximum 3 printers to 3 stock types. Display Linkage. Display linkage of terminal. Display linkage for all terminals in pseudo city XC7. De-link from Printer. Delink from all printers. Delink from ticket printer only. Delink from itinerary printer only. Delink from MIR device only.

SmartSource Coupon Printer Problems with Windows 8

When I attempt to print coupons from U. I'm using Windows 7, Firefox I welcome any suggestions in specific detail. Thank you. Hi Violetblu ,. Thank you for responding Abhishek. Besides, once you select the coupons and click print, it goes straight to the printer via smartsource. The good news is that, today when I tried again, the coupons printed vs. I did confirm that my HP Printer is set for color and not grayscale.

Rotate image Save Cancel. Breaking news: See More. More New Posts. Search this thread. Anyone else have trouble printing coupons from SmartSource. Hi Every time I try to print off a coupon I get a blank page and I don't know why, I have the latest adobe dc and java version. I have no problem printing from SmartSaver. Maybe try a different web browser? I also have the same issue. If you don't have the very latest Adobe the print can fail due to security reasons Junk Food Junkie wrote: Press F12 and go to the 'Console' and look for errors. It downloads scripts and stuff from a ton of different places, then you download a PDF that has code in it to connect back to smartsource.

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