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Freebies animals

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Animal Fact Sheets (Freebie)

Nowadays, suicides by farmers are almost dominating the media space in India. Politicians, intellectuals, NGOs, activists etc. Farmers say that they are finding it hard to face the cost of farming due to mounting prices. Earlier animals were available at a low price but now most of the milk-producing animals and animals used in agriculture are slaughtered.

So now the price of animals is very high. So they take loans from banks and other financial institutions. It is clear that farmers are ignored both by society as well as by the government and policymakers. Therefore, they have only one easy option, suicide. The farmers are treated very callously in India. There are thousands of special schemes for the welfare of big vote banks, like Dalits and Muslims but hardly any scheme for farmers. Farmers have no fixed income. Moreover, they are very simple.

Hence, bank officials, corrupt bureaucrats, private moneylenders and land sharks easily deceive them. It can be said that they are all united in repressing and tormenting the helpless and unfortunate farmers. When there are no other avenues left, they have to surrender to these corrupt and repressing agents, unaware of the fact that he is meeting his own death. A farmer has so many worries and stresses in his life as there is no hope and happiness left as his domestic and social life is totally distraught by unending poverty and want.

This is very sad and painful that for them only suicide is the only solution left for all the problems. For a farmer, his life journey is very tough and tiresome. There is hardly any pleasure and comfort in his destiny. Above all, there is no help from any private or government agency. His life is dull and blank. There is no space for fulfilment and joy. His life is like a crematorium with line after line of dead corpse burning like the fire of hell or underworld.

His heart sinks when he sees the people hale and hearty on his produce but he is left to die. The government machinery is also very harsh with the farmers. Apart from poverty, droughts and floods, the farmers are also harassed by courts, banks, and money lenders. His dear farms are like graveyards and crematorium to him. When he does not get a good price for his produce, the harvest is like a carcass, produced on his ashes. Come and lift me…. Oh, God! Oh God! The government can stop the suicide by farmers by starting a farmer pension scheme.

But hardly anything is done. Suicide by farmers due to debt and poverty is the saddest and most unfortunate part of any government and society because it can be prevented by initiating welfare measures. It is a very famous quote that farmers are born in debt, live in debt and die in debt. This is a very shameful reality in the Indian context. Almost all the farmers in every state and village are under debt but nothing is done for poor, innocent and helpless farmers.

These acts brought disaster to farmers and villagers. Their land was declared surplus and snatched by the government. Rest of the destruction was done by the Land Ceiling Act. Under these black acts, the so-called surplus lands were snatched from the farmers, without paying a single penny to the farmers as compensation and distributed by political parties to their vote banks.

These acts made farmers almost beggars within a night. Ironically, Congress, Communists and other secular and socialist parties, who are now trying to show themselves as the messiah of farmers, brought all these acts. Poverty clubbed with government cruelty pushes the farmers to the edge and ultimately forces to commit suicide. Small land holdings and the cruelty of the government machinery, supported by anti-farmer draconian acts are mainly responsible for a miserable lot of the farmers which led them to suicide.

Politicians, bureaucrats, media and intellectuals try to show the suicide of farmers as a puzzle but it is not a puzzle but very simple to understand. They try to hide their callousness under the dark cloud of fake intellectualism. Farmers do the work in fields. So they are ignorant how tricky and unkind is the outer world. When a farmer is trapped in the vicious racket of debt then it is impossible for him to cross the bar safely.

Nobody is helpful to the poor and helpless farmer. All want to snatch his dear land. Even the National Crime Register is not honest in its reports. According to its reports, two highest causes of suicides in India are family problem and health. But the callous babus and intellectuals forgot to mention the poverty and debt of farmers another big cause in their study. When it comes to farmers, the chain of poverty, poor health, family needs, government indifference, brutal system, corruption, floods, droughts and suicide are very harsh realities.

Bank loans are usually cleared off after great difficulty. There are also other family pressures like education, health trouble, court cases etc. Each of these acts as a brutal assault on indebted farmer but health and financial demands are most malicious and painful of them all. With great fanfare, government framed some acts to help the farmers. But these acts brought more disasters to the farmers.

Under Chakbandi Act, the government tried to give farmers land Chak at a single place instead of different places. But this act threw farmers in unending litigations and gripped by the jaws of corruption. Poor farmers were exploited by the cruel justice system. Even some vote-hungry governments, such as the communist government in Bengal, gave ownership rights to Bataidar and Pattedars. Under Ownership to Bataidar and Pattedars Acts, so-called surplus land was distributed among the landless farmers.

But actually, it was distributed among the vote banks. This act again brought more disaster, clashes and legal hassles to the farmers. Under this act the old and ancestral property is allotted to the tenants on a very low rent by corrupt government officials and farmer is denied both the possession of his property as well as good rent.

Non-BJP governments who are claiming now as the saviours of farmers brought all such anti-farmer acts. It is very true and shocking that suicides by farmers in India are much higher than the general average. It is surprising that the rich states like Maharashtra, Punjab and Andhra are on top. Poor states like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Bengal or Orissa must have serious poverty but much lower suicide rates than Maharashtra or Punjab.

Perhaps the shame of debt is much serious in these states. Farmers everywhere, borrow money from their relatives and friends. They adopt this measure after banks and private moneylenders refused them down. However, the sense of shame is much more in these rich states. Things get worse if the farmer failed to repay the debt in time. He is like an out-caste in family functions, marriages and local meetings and gatherings.

Today farmers need special protection. Farmers must get quotas and reservation in education, employment and government schemes. Special rural and agriculture banks should be opened to give farmers loan on easy conditions. Most of the time farmers have to face droughts and floods. Governments can very easily solve these problems and help the farmers. The government must construct dams, check dams, link rivers and harvest rain waters.

These measures will solve the problems of drought, floods and water shortage permanently. River beds, river catchment areas, ponds, water bodies, meadows, etc all are encroached by the land mafia or distributed by the politicians to their vote banks so hardly any land is left as meadows for animals. These measures will give farmers employments and side income. Farmers who are completely depended on agriculture should be given agriculture pension, quotas and reservation in jobs and education.

For Hindus, agriculture is a service to God and humanity. It is not a business or profession. Similarly, the land is dear to farmers like mother or God. For a farmer, this is not a kind nation! Aanchal goel. Yogesh Sharma My Voices Jan 18, , Characters Remaining: Sort By: I want my Mom. Spiritual moments at the Holy Kumbh.

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Nowadays, suicides by farmers are almost dominating the media space in India. Politicians, intellectuals, NGOs, activists etc. Farmers say that they are finding it hard to face the cost of farming due to mounting prices. Earlier animals were available at a low price but now most of the milk-producing animals and animals used in agriculture are slaughtered. So now the price of animals is very high. So they take loans from banks and other financial institutions.

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Who doesn t love a great freebie?! Download these awesome, free graphic design resources today. Your bank balance will appreciate it and you will love the goodies, we promise we won t judge you for downloading them all! No problem! Simply enter your email address associated with your account to receive your password reset instructions. Whether you ve got a question, a problem or even a good joke, drop us a line and we will do our best to reply as soon as possible.

French Freebies for Animals, Farms, and More

However, to make things easier, I ve consolidated all of their freebies into this post. I ll keep this updated and current as new PETA samples are released. I first published these free stickers in and when they arrived, my little sister stuck them all over our family house. A few of them are even still there today! Every time I go home, I m reminded of how cute animals are. It makes it really hard to eat meat when you re constantly being reminded of where it comes from. I enjoy my ignorance and would appreciate it if I could continue believing in the Meat Fairy, which is where all delicious meat obviously comes from.

Freebie – Printable watercolor floral animals

Well, so Hattie s not so "new" but I didn t send out a newsletter announcing her birthday two weeks ago. Well, so Hattie s not so "new" but I didn t send out a newsletter announcing her birthday two weeks ago so she may be new to you. Have you seen the Advent Animals Freebies Collection yet? I m currently designing 25 little animals to help you count down to Christmas and Liz Westlake of dragonflylotus is translating my DMC charts with her gorgeous handspun silk threads for anyone interested in using the "good stuff". You can find the charts on my Freebies 2 page and in my Craftsy Store. There are no strings attached Just download them and stitch away. I ll be releasing one or two per month on the third Tuesday. Next month - August, - is an exception.

Farmers’ Suicide and Politics of Freebies

Does your class study the farm? Mine does! There are some freebies in there, too! Below are the books we read during farm week. I always try to include one non-fiction and one fiction book about each animal that we study. So we usually do just the head on one day, and the body on another. Sometimes, we will do the head at one table and the body at another table, but do them both on the same day.

Faune – A free font inspired to the animal world

Toggle navigation All-free-download. Sort the result by: Freebies animals Free vector We have about 8, files Free vector in ai, eps, cdr, svg vector illustration graphic art design format. Almost files can be used for commercial. Animal Character Illustrations. Animal Cartoons Pack. Safari Animals. Animals face icons. Wild animal icons 3d colored design cartoon design.

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Luckily for guests of both U. Disney theme parks, there are several ways you can save some serious cash while having big fun. A Disney Photopass cast member is almost always willing to take a photo for you and your family with your own phone or camera if you simply ask nicely. If you have a Disney Visa card, you can also get a free download of your photo from a character meet-and-greet. The characters are always a surprise, and you will need your credit card and an ID to get in. Either way, it will be completely free. Did you know you could ask for a map from the Jungle Cruise attraction? Other freebies to take home including recipes from any of your favorite Disney restaurants ask for details at customer service at the front of the park. In the Magic Kingdom, guests can request free Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom cards to play throughout the park.

Go through the freebies we have for your pets and animal friends and you may find something that they will really enjoy.

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This post has a round-up of free printables available on this blog with French for teachers and parents. The free printables include word cards for my body, nocturnal animals realistic photos and also a cartoon version , farm words, and some penguin words. At the penguin post, scroll to the bottom to find the separate French printable. For the other PDFs, print only the pages desired as the same cards have a set in English and a set in French in most cases. I took the only chance I ever had to go to Paris and went. Who cared the kids were toddlers and would be going with? Would they even remember the trip? Who cared! We were going to ride the Orient Express which I had for some reason until then I thought was only in movies. Our hotel was in the line of sight of the Eiffel Tower. I was going to get a chance to use my six years of French classes in real life. We packed the Lego people in a recycled tin Band-Aid box, a doll in a backpack, a travel-sized potty chair in a suitable bag to disguise it, grabbed the suitcases and away we went.

Pattern Freebies: GO! Talk to the Animals Baby Quilt Pattern

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French Freebies for Animals, Farms, and More

I have read and agree to the privacy policy. Please, send me my password! Grab some hand-painted food graphics and design decorative prints, invitations, stickers, recipe templates, etc. Here you have 5 lovely tea cups that you can use to design decorative prints, greeting card, Instagram posts or whatever you want. Do you need some creative ideas? Christmas is coming! And you may need some Christmas graphics for your current creative project greeting cards, prints, scrapbook, blog posts, etc. Design a nice greeting card or an invitation with these handmade illustrations. Also perfect for prints, scrapbook, magazines and book covers. They can be perfect for greeting cards, scrapbook projects, stationery goods and many other creative options. Remember me. Lost your password? I have read and agree to the Privacy Policy. These graphics are 4 PNG files, dpi, with transparent background. Tea cups illustrations Would you like a cup of tea?

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