Freebies to ask for when buying a car

Freebies to ask for when buying a car

When my husband and I sat in a dealer showroom, I had no doubt we would drive away in a brand new Nissan Xterra with all the extras — after paying a ridiculously low price. I knew from my years as a journalist covering the auto industry that this dealer was banking on a huge bonus from Nissan for selling me this car. See, some automakers offer dealers stair-step incentives. As we drove off the lot in our tricked out, low-cost SUV, I was certain our purchase pushed the dealer into the magic zone. I knew we had found a bargain. Some automakers have discontinued stair-step incentives at the insistence of dealers.

Incentives/Freebies from the dealer?

HardwareZone Forum Insider on Facebook. Dragon wrote: No freebie at all? AL wrote: That all? Just got a new ride recently. Only managed to squeeze out: In-car DVR? Ohh which dealer you got it from? What ride may I asked. Last edited by mikeeeey; at Haa think most of the freebie given are 'factory made'? Especially electronic stuffs?

Anyway just hope more can be squeezed from dealer haa. I almost laughed out when i saw the name. But usual lah. Those MIC. But as long as it works well, dun care its blackview or bulack-vee-eeew. Vcool best? As long it free, just grab 1st. But remember, bargain the price to the lowest possible, squeeze until dry already. Smilies are On. Trackbacks are Off. Pingbacks are Off. Refbacks are On. Mark Forums Read. Thread Tools. Jul Posts: This 1 need a bit of kungfu to negotiate I don't know if other ADs operate this way, but my experience buying from Kah Motor is that there is a "standard issue" set of freebies, in fact stated on the pricelist.

Extras or upgrade of these freebies - e. Exchanging all freebies for cash instead is the best option, provided you get 1 of those SEs who offer such a deal. Dec Posts: Lolzzz You can also request for free COE.. Aug Posts: Lol In-car DVR? Lol i think the in car dvr is those cheapo type one Thz Got this: Not bad. Slim looking and working well, thus far. Got a vellfire. But as long as it works well, dun care its blackview or bulack-vee-eeew like that also can huh?

Nov Posts: So am telling my friend to check the IRR rating of the film given. If it of the lower or lowest grade, best to forget about it and go do it outside as if your car is 'pasted' with solar film, to re-do it. Think there is some charges to remove it to get it done for some solar film's companies Important Forum Advisory Note. This forum is moderated by volunteer moderators who will react only to members' feedback on posts.

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Buying a new or used car usually involves a lot of time, stress and money. Although most people have to face this task at least a few times in their lives, there are secrets to buying a car that can make the process a whole lot faster, easier and cheaper. It might be tough to fork over a big chunk of change, but paying cash for a new or used car will also keep you from wasting money on interest payments and give you more equity in your car. Note that the invoice price is the dealer cost, according to automotive resource Edmunds.

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Unnamed car salesman shares 10 tips to follow each time you buy a vehicle

Save thousands and avoid the dealer traps when shopping for wheels. You've decided you want a brand-spanking new car. You're craving that new car smell and the rattle-free hum of a new engine and chassis. You want to get behind the wheel of something that's never experienced a prang or a spilled milkshake. With all the excitement you might be tempted to buy on impulse, but don't rush into it. Do your homework, beware of dealer tricks and learn to negotiate — it can save you thousands. CHOICE Help , a free service for members, has saved consumers thousands of dollars by helping to fight for your rights, whether it's negotiating with a dodgy car dealer, making a complaint to the manufacturer or demanding a replacement for a faulty part.

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These things could include a TV, some oil changes, or even a free vacation. Recently, a friend told me he tried to lease a car. The price on the vehicle also seemed higher than he expected. This time of year, some dealers who are going for that last minute push to hit their sales targets will try just about anything to get people into the showroom. This may include advertising free gifts with the purchase or lease of a new car. Plus, these gifts can be underhanded—not advertised or even mentioned until they get rolled into the purchase price. They are just doing so indirectly. Did you know that people still buy Mitsubishis?

Incentives/Freebies from the dealer?

HardwareZone Forum Insider on Facebook. Dragon wrote: No freebie at all? AL wrote: That all? Just got a new ride recently.

How To Extract The Best Discounts From Your Car Dealer

Purchasing a used car is a great way to save some green on your next automobile purchase, but sometimes you can save even more. Most people expect to have a few extras thrown in when they buy a new car, but they don't realize that there are things they can ask for—and often receive—when shopping used. In some cases you can use these items as leverage for buying a used car. Once the dealer refuses to go down further on price, simply see if you can get some of the following thrown in to sweeten the deal. The key to a long-lasting car is regular oil changes and service. These visits can be needed up to twice a year, depending on your driving habits. Many used car dealers will provide a free one or two year service plan, or even an extended discount on in-house service, if you ask for it. This can lead to major savings over the long run if your oil changes, tire rotations, and filter changes are all covered for a length of time. New cars come perfectly clean and with intact stain treatments on the upholstery.

Negotiation tactics to help you get the best car deals

Of all the car buying tips, this one won't necessarily save you thousands, but can save you hundreds and make your buying experience much more pleasurable. Just below the list I'll explain when to ask for these and how to be sure you get what's owed to you. General Service Not all car dealerships will service every car they sell. This is especially true with smaller used car dealerships. If the oil, air filter, hoses, belts, etc. Detail At some dealerships, what you see is what you get. Don't just assume they will detail the car before taking delivery. Floor Mats This works for both new and used cars, but applies mostly to new cars. This is an add for most new cars and if floor mats are not listed on the manufacturers window sticker, then you'll have to buy them separately.

No one likes feeling ripped off. And while not every car salesperson is trying to pull one over on you, plenty of unscrupulous sellers will.

8 freebies you can get when buying a new car

Profit before prizes. The popular and price-advertised entry-level units will bring a retailer very little margin, if any at all. The reason store owners put up with these loss leaders is that they bring traffic through the door. This return is usually a combination of the margin on the vehicle itself and earnings from protection packages, extended warranties and some finance plans. Accessories are nice. Dealerships can provide a wide range of optional equipment from their own auto manufacturer or from outside specialty shops think tinting and electronics. They earn higher margins on add-ons they source from within and install themselves. Things such as mud flaps, running boards or side steps, trailer hitches and winter floor mats are among the bestsellers. How much you can get depends on the profit earned from the sale and your bargaining ability. The big three:

More information can be found on their official website. Here, Geeky Auntie presents 5 main tips on buying your new car during the motorshow. Car dealers have a tendency to price your old car much lower than what is actually worth. Hence, make sure you go prepared by finding out the estimated trade-in value of your old car first. You can do so by getting quotes from car showrooms or second hand dealers beforehand. In addition, do not discuss the trade-in value of your old car early with the salesperson until you have settled the price of the new car. Car dealers typically sell cars with packaged price and claim that these are non-negotiable. I visited the Toyota, Mazda and Honda showroom last week and realized that while the packaged prices were already stated on the brochure, the salesperson was still able to shave off a few hundred dollars — only if you put in the extra effort to negotiate. Salespersons are willing to throw in freebies such as solar window films, front and back car dash cameras with powerbank to continue recording when car is stationary , reverse sensors and even petrol vouchers.

Negotiation happens all the time: Before you start negotiating, you must first know what you would like to achieve from that entire episode. Are you looking at a short-term or once off huge discount? Or a long-term lasting relationship with the authorised dealer? For instance, even though low-balling would give you the best deal if the other individual is agreeable, but in the long run this may have caused a strain in the relationship. Depending on your intentions, you will also have to pre-plan tactics and strategies in consideration of your goal. Here are 5 tactics that you can consider the next time you purchase a new or used car! Sometimes, when you have purchased X number of cars from an authorised dealer and have recommended multiple clients to your salesman, he may be obliged to return you the favour. In this case, the long-term relationship built with your salesman is extremely valuable. Otherwise, receiving a recommendation from your friend or relative may also give you an upper-hand as the relationship forged by your friend or relative with the salesman puts him in a position to offer you the best deals. Do also note that this favour may not necessarily just be a discount or freebies, sometimes it may also be truthful advice and opinion from a knowledgeable expert in the field. That too, can go a long way especially if you are purchasing your first car. This tactic can only be used if you have done sufficient homework prior to the meeting. One will need to know what are the industry-standard practices in purchasing a new car, or a used car.

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