Ghost hunting deals

Ghost hunting deals

All initial events will be held at the Pirates House. Another related, but separate event is available on Friday, January 31, starting at 3: Chip Coffey will visit the Moon River Brewery for a psychic reading!! You can join Chip as he uses his amazing abilities to detect supernatural activity in this known haunted location. Also, for some hauntingly good deals on accommodations during your visit in Savannah please use the following information to make reservations with one of our hotel partners:. DoubleTree Savannah Historic District:

6 Spooky Savannah Ghost Tours

Thanks for connecting! You're almost done. Connect to your existing Cracked account if you have one or create a new Cracked username. You're probably aware of the bafflingly popular "reality show about ghost hunters" genre. These, uh, paragons of journalistic excellence make the field of paranormal investigation seem like a cross between Scooby-Doo and True Detective , only with a drunk handling the lighting. But the guys on TV are doing it to entertain you; they're going to find something creepy, no matter where they "investigate," because otherwise there's no episode.

There are, however, paranormal investigators who try to take a serious approach to it. But trust us, that isn't easy. We're Clint and Jessica Harris, a pair of paranormal investigators with more than a decade of experience, and here's what you probably didn't know about the world of ghost hunting:. First of all, despite what you probably think from all of the ghost hunter reality shows and supposedly "based on a true story" horror movies, not everyone is doing this job looking to cash in with Hollywood.

For most of us, there's no money in it, and we don't charge for our services beware anyone who does. On top of that, equipment is expensive, and the vast majority of it isn't even designed to be used for the work you're using it for anyway. And, obviously, nearly everything you record and review turns out to be a whole lot of nothing. For example, we record EVP electronic voice phenomena -- purported messages from the beyond hiding in the "noise" of an electronic recording , and you'll occasionally get something cool.

For example, this EVP kind of sounds like an old man with the voice of a heavy smoker saying, "She's sleeping here now," and it was captured near a fresh, unmarked grave that turned out to be for a newly buried young girl:. That's the kind of shit that keeps you going. Still, at best, the work you do is considered a hobbyist's stab at scientific research -- some bastard child of soft and hard science, flirting with physics, psychology, folklore, historical research, and urban exploration.

And good luck convincing a scientist that your evidence is valid, much less the evidence of other teams, since nobody's tools, methods, motives, or practices are standardized. So why do we do it? Well, investigators come from all walks of life, with various levels of education and professional expertise. Many get started because of a personal experience they can't explain, or are simply looking for answers to age-old questions.

And most of us do believe in paranormal occurrences based on the occasional freaky stuff we run across. But to get the cool stuff, you have to sift through countless hours of nothing and deal with people who can make this hobby a nightmare. For example We're not psychics, and we don't claim to be able to summon the dead or perform any other kind of magic.

Many of our clients, however, do think they have a connection to the spirit world. And sometimes these are people with problems that go deeper than hearing their dead granny shuffling around in her housecoat at night. On our intake questionnaire, we ask clients to volunteer information that might be helpful to the investigation and our safety , such as "Are you taking any medications?

One psychic in particular spent the whole time claiming she was being touched in a sexual manner and would respond either with flirtation or by shouting down her invisible attacker and folding into the fetal position. Then you get the professional psychics who get called in along with us to try to talk to the "spirit.

It's like a rap battle, only all the "bitches" and "yo mama" snaps are replaced with "suicide" and "so many bodies buried in the yard One psychic once insisted she sensed a spirit outside the back door of the kitchen inside one of the trash cans, like some sort of phantasmal Oscar the Grouch. In spite of our best efforts at damage control, by the time the psychics were holding cleansing vigils and busting out the White Light, the clients either had gone into the depths of a fear spiral or were so eager to see a resolution to the drama that they could hardly wait to see what we found.

At the "reveal" where we go over our recordings, they would usually be crushed by the monumental lack of any paranormal evidence whatsoever. No EVPs, no video, nothing. So if you're a homeowner who thinks you have spirits roaming the halls, who are you going to listen to: So now you're starting to see the problem The Stanley Hotel in Colorado has become a flagship of paranormal studies in the U.

Before interest in ghost hunting became popular, it was just a big-ass creepy building on the hill outside town. Now it's a major tourist destination, and you can bet your Ecto Containment Units that being widely viewed as "crazy haunted" is great for business. It didn't take long for other business owners to realize that being host to a "ghost" was worth significantly more than its non-weight in gold.

Unlike private-residence cases which tend to require that our presence be kept on the down low , businesses turn investigations into events to draw customers, which is like trying to collect data during a frat party. People don't pay that kind of money to walk around sober. It is hard enough to find evidence in a quiet building, after hours, but it's nearly impossible to find anything while leading a pack of liquored-up assholes that won't stop warbling quotes from Ghostbusters.

While most businesses won't go out of their way to rig up a fake haunting to get publicity, they're all too happy to attribute the results of shitty maintenance to "ghosts, man. Rather than admit that you probably need to renovate, you can continue to fill vacancies by attributing these phenomena to the lost spirits of murdered brides and dead children at play. It's the perfect crime! At least until Congress gets off its collective butt and passes the Ghost Fraud Act. As you can imagine, proprietors of the aforementioned businesses aren't happy when we search their place and don't find anything weird.

There aren't enough comped fondues or free stays in the world that will make a place haunted if it isn't, but there are plenty of other paranormal investigators. So, you can guess what happens: These clients will contact group after group until they find one that will tell them what they want to hear. Businesses aren't alone in this; private residences do it, too, making it downright epidemic in the paranormal community.

This is another reason why it's almost impossible to get any results taken seriously -- there is all sorts of motivation to "find" something, or to build a reputation as the group who always finds something, like those online IQ tests that come back "genius" every time. It's good business for everyone involved. If you're wondering why a private homeowner would do this, well, one case turned out to be a classic example of gaslighting.

A man convinced his wife that their apartment was haunted by several spirits and had been terrorizing her to the point where she was afraid to sleep, or even be alone in the home without him. He was "confident" we would get some evidence, and we did: We got a shot of him on an infrared camera whispering "I'm in here! On top of tormenting the poor woman, faking a haunting was likely to get her rich parents to bankroll a new house for them.

So, yes, we found substantial proof that this guy was a douchebag. I really think them getting us a new schooner will help put his spirit to rest. And don't forget that most people want to be famous. After the popularity of paranormal television shows exploded, it became clear that everyone wanted to be on TV. Oftentimes, the first question a client would ask was when the Ghost Hunters film crew would be arriving.

The response was always the same: Sometimes a celebrity in the field would be at an event, and even fellow investigators would go all starfuckery, angling to score TV airtime. Afterward, they would be constantly name-dropping and making vague references to their own impending stardom. Fame that would be based on finding something. So say goodbye to any kind of objective approach. Part of being a paranormal investigator is taking calls at someone-better-be-dead-o'clock at night from terrified clients.

These range from "tense" to "I have vibrating alien implants! Josef Reischig, CSc. You don't need an investigation. You need crabs shampoo. The client's reports of activity included waking up to the "smell of goat" and demonic voices sometimes speaking Latin that discussed various sexual acts -- many of which seemed impossibly uncomfortable and likely illegal in a minimum of 10 states. Still, the woman's main complaint boiled down to what can only be described as the worst case of genital crabs ever diagnosed.

Being trained to keep an open mind, we promised to call a prominent demonologist yes, we do have the coolest Rolodex ever, thanks for asking! Two days later, the demonologist strongly waved us away from the case because the client was not only crazy, but a known stalker we wound up changing our phone number.

On another case, this one in the rural South, we arrived at the scene and quickly discovered that the place had served as the set for more than a few ill-advised DIY sex flicks. The location was a veritable porn dungeon, complete with chains hanging from the ceiling, mattresses surrounded by camera stands, and a bare bed frame with bungee cords. With Cats. Did I mention the cats? There were upward of 50 feral cats, because apparently when you are making fuck films, you want lots and lots of cats around.

So yeah, if somebody was hearing weird sounds or smelling weird smells, there were probably multiple non-ghost explanations for it. Another case led us to a no-shit dyed in the wool "Let's cook, bitch! In fairness, the dead mice were only slightly more disgusting than the pile after pile of dog shit found everywhere else.

It would seem the dogs were very considerate of the mouse decor and unwilling to disturb the tableau. At some point the team became so uncomfortable or high from the fumes that we became slap-happy and had uncontrollable giggling fits while taking EMF readings off dead mice, joking about who was going to catch parvo first.

And once again you're probably asking why the hell we'd willingly go to a place like that unpaid! Well, that meth lab remains one of the more active houses the team ever investigated. For example, we walked away with an EVP recording that sounds awfully like "I'm not fucking with you. You can make of that what you will, but you have to admit: If you died and came back to haunt somebody, isn't that exactly the sort of thing you'd say to a bunch of ghost investigators? For over 10 years, Jessica Harris was a paranormal investigator, spending the last six as founder of her own group, Colorado Paranormal Research and Investigations, researching cases throughout Colorado, Nebraska, Wyoming, and New Mexico.

Clint is a writer and a history and folklore enthusiast, and he drives a desk at a university. Robert Evans doesn't personally believe in ghosts, but he does believe in talking to people with interesting lives. You can reach him here. Related Reading:

Ghost Hunting Equipment

Ghost hunting is the process of investigating locations that are reported to be haunted by ghosts. Typically, a ghost-hunting team will attempt to collect evidence supporting the existence of paranormal activity. Ghost hunters use a variety of electronic devices, including EMF meters , digital thermometers , both handheld and static digital video cameras , including thermographic and night vision cameras , as well as digital audio recorders. Other more traditional techniques are also used, such as conducting interviews and researching the history of allegedly haunted sites. Ghost hunters may also refer to themselves as "paranormal investigators.

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This might come as a shock to the millions of ghost enthusiasts out there: The scientific consensus is that ghosts are not spirits, remnants of the dead, recordings of energy, or supernatural entities. Our existing knowledge about nature does not point to a conclusion that ghosts are a single definable thing, paranormal or normal, that you can find, observe, measure, or study. Therefore, we have a conundrum at step one of any attempt at ghost hunting:

Ghost Hunts

The small, Syracuse, New York-based company K-II Enterprises makes a number of handheld electronic devices—including the Dog Dazer a supposedly safe, humane device that deters aggressive dogs with high-pitched radio signals —but it is best known for the Safe Range EMF. Designed to locate potentially harmful EMF radiation from nearby power lines or household appliances, the Safe Range has become popular for another use: Of the best-selling EMF meters on Amazon, two out of the top three are explicitly marketed as ghost meters. Scanning the various product descriptions and reviews, though, what becomes clear is that the K-II Safe Range is a relatively unreliable electromagnetic field meter. The reviewer Kenny Biddle found he could set it off with, among other things, a computer mouse and a camera battery pack. Erratic, prone to false positives, easily manipulated, its flashy LED display will light up any darkened room of a haunted hotel or castle.

Ghost Hunting Events – Become A Paranormal investigator for The Night

Contact Us. My Account. Shipping Info. Christmas Gift Guide. Top 10 Gear Guide. GhostStop is the leading paranormal research facility anywhere with the most talented creators of the most advanced equipment. Shawn and crew work tirelessly to support teams and charities. GhostStop has been leading the way for years.

Ghost Hunter Team Listing

Look for us in the upcoming Graestone Manor episode where we travel to New York and join the Ghost Finders in what proved to be a night full of paranormal activity! Works in absolute darkness as well as full light. Kinect SLS Camera is ghost hunting with video at a new level. It detects spirit forms that can't be seen with the naked eye. Video can be recorded directly to the camera or the SD card. This is a must have item for anyone interested in the paranormal.

Do-it-yourself ghost hunting

At the beginning of the evening we will split down into 2 or 3 small and intimate groups led by our experienced Team members and begin investigating separate areas at a time to avoid overcrowding and possible evidence contamination. If there is a piece of equipment you have seen on TV and would like to use please speak to one of the team and we will gladly try and oblige your request to use it during the evening. We have most items which range from the Spirit box, ovilus and our newest piece of equipment the SLS cameras and Spirit portal. UK Ghost Hunts pride ourselves on our scientific research and we are a very gadget friendly group although we also like to use old school original methods of contacting spirits which include Ouija boards, table tipping and human pendulum. Nothing is faked or done for entertainment purposes — what you see is what you get! A real, raw, paranormal investigation! Join us if you dare! Paranormal events and ghost hunting events from one of the best experienced ghost hunting groups from around the UK. Booking with UK Ghost Hunts. Experience the emotion of a lost soul; the proof of the paranormal; the tension of a ghost hunt.

Cheap Ghost Hunts

Got ghosts? Looking for help or looking to join a team? Below is a list of paranormal investigation teams by area. These are teams that have been hand-selected by GhostStop Ghost Hunting Equipment as go-to organizations that are actively helping clients. This is the most comprehensive list of active investigation teams. We do our best to ensure this list is populated by teams that are active and available to help clients. If, as a client, you are having trouble contacting any of the below teams, please contact us and we will help ensure this list remains the most comprehensive list of active teams. Thank you. Spirit Communications and Research web:

Experience our ghost hunts for yourself today in:

Ghost Hunting Equipment for Sale – Fast Delivery

If you're looking for ghosts this Halloween, you don't need a Proton pack. A professional ghost hunter takes us to the reportedly haunted Brookdale Lodge and shows us some easily accessible gadgets you can use to search for paranormal activity. A tea set, dolls, and a teddy bear set up at a table for a little girl. It would be sweet, if it wasn't in a dark, abandoned lodge filled with spider webs where a little girl named Sarah drowned in the late s. The toys were presumably laid out by someone trying to contact Sarah's ghost, which reportedly haunts the now-condemned Brookdale Lodge in Northern California's Santa Cruz mountains. In its heyday, the Brookdale Lodge played host to celebrities like James Dean and Marilyn Monroe and was a popular getaway for mobsters with its secret rooms and tunnels. Now when you go inside, it's dark, dank, rundown, and eerie, with a definite chill in the air. It's the perfect place to get a demonstration of the technology ghost hunters use. Gloria Young, a self-described paranormal researcher, is our guide to things that go bump in the night. There's always been voices," Young said. Young suggests asking questions and listening carefully for one-word answers amid the static. We gave it a try. See for yourself in this video. It usually clicks at regular intervals.

Video Review: Does Cheap Ghost Hunting Equipment Really Work?

Contact Us. My Account. Shipping Info. Spring Savings! Save big on ghost hunting equipment for your fellow paranormal investigators, loved one or yourself during our limited-time discount promotion. Sort By: Low to High Price: BooBuddy Jr. Ghost Box Faraday Wallet Price:

Who says you need to spend a lot to get the same kind of results as "real" ghost hunters? In this video, we tested out some inexpensive equipment that's purported to find lurking, ghostly spirits. Here's what you need in your ghost hunting kit:. Ambient Thermometer The only requirements for this item is that it must be instant-read and it should re-sample the temperature at short intervals. So unless ghosts are running by you, it should catch their temperature fluxuations. Flashlight Honestly, any flashlight will do — as long as it gives off light. What does one call a flashlight that doesn't give off light? Voice Recorder There are all kinds of pocket recorders that use tiny tapes and digital storage, but the best way to try and catch an EVP Electonic Voice Phenomenon on the cheap is to use your smartphone. Both iTunes and Android marketplaces have several free apps that let you record voice; just do a quick search and dozens will turn up. It worked quite well, actually. Maybe too well, since now we're recording everything like we were Nixon in ' With only three lights, it's a simpler version of a Gaussmeter, but it'll still let you know when you're near a "ghost" or an unshielded electromagnetic source pretending to be a ghost. With this equipment, we can almost guarantee you'll catch as many real ghosts as those guys on TV do! And if you really want to hone your paranormal detection skills, you can get certified as a professional exorciser via the Oklahoma-based American Association of Exorcists.

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